Critique of Carr Article

Critique of Carr Article - author makes good points in his...

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Critique of Carr Article “Is Google Making Us Stupid? English 300 Ashleigh Grubbs
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“Is Google Making Us Stupid?” This is an article written by a man named Nicholas Carr. The author’s main argument is that the use of the internet has brainwashed people only to get worse in the future. We are no longer going to libraries and searching for books, our society has turned to the use of computers for almost everything. The author made good points throughout the article. The article’s main point the author is trying to reach is that people are turning to their computers than the simplicity of a good book. We are no longer turning to books for research or good reading Google is just a click away. The author wanted to inform his readers of the change that human minds are taking with the change of technology. The author uses several scenarios of how people’s minds and their ways have changed since computers. I think the validity of the author is legitimate. Whether I agree or disagree, I feel the
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Unformatted text preview: author makes good points in his text. I will have to say I disagree with the author. Even though people are becoming more reliant on computers, there are still people out there who do not even own one. Not to mention, the fact that I do not believe artificial intelligence is anywhere in the near future. The use of computers has changed the world by leaning on technology. I do feel that the author was successful in achieving his purpose. He used several examples of how people’s work ethic and reading ethic had changed since the development of search engines and the internet. I do not believe he made any claims without supportive evidence. Overall he did a good job explaining his argument. Sometimes it’s about the simple things in life and picking up a good book to just sit down, read and visualize may be a good idea. Reference Carr, Nicholas. (2008, July/August). “Is Google Making Us Stupid?” . The Atlantic , 56-63....
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Critique of Carr Article - author makes good points in his...

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