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Checklist for writing a good academic paper: 1. Avoid using any contractions (e.g., can’t, won’t or we’ve). 2. Do not use bullets or numbering excessively (as a crutch). 3. Only use direct quotes when illustrating a very important point. 4. Long sentences (i.e., three or more lines) may be run-ons. Split them in half. 5. Stay away from these words: very, really and extremely. 6. Use paragraphs frequently to organize your thoughts. 7. Average paragraph length should be around five or six sentences. 8. Citation format when paraphrasing: (Smith, 1996). 9. Citation format for direct quotes: (Smith, 1996; pg. 82).
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Unformatted text preview: 10. If you cut and paste without using direct quotes it is plagiarism. 11. Be careful about subject-verb agreement. 12. Have someone edit your paper if necessary (family member or classmate). 13. Only capitalize titles and proper names. 14. Use a comma immediately before a direct quote. 15. Never use “I” in a paper. Do not write in the first-person. 16. Do not use informal or colloquial language (e.g., they don’t “mess around”) 17. Your bibliography is important, not an afterthought. Use APA guidelines....
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