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Erinn Broadus May 11, 2011 Drug Store Cowboys Drug Store Cowboys is about the downfall of the main character, Bob, and the powerful influence that drugs had over his lives. His “crew” causes a scene at a drugstore, or in one case a hospital parking lot, and he goes back into the pharmacy and steals as many drugs as he can. The police are on his trail and he eventually moves into a hotel a little while away, although he claimed the move was unrelated to the police chase. Things escalate and while he’s gone on another run, one of the girls overdoses intentionally and leaves the others with her body to dispose of. With a firing addiction, a dead body and the police on his trail, Bob realizes that the life of a junkie isn’t worth the turmoil anymore and enrolls himself into a 30 day methadone clinic without the support of his group of friends. While there he meets his old priest, who was addicted as well and just wanted to score. I think that details the gruesome power addiction can have
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Unformatted text preview: over somebody, and that it doesn’t just affect back ally hookers and junkies. Eventually, he gets beaten up for drugs he doesn’t have, loses his girlfriend but gains sobriety. I thought this movie was very good and accurate, it depicted how far your life can fall if you fall victim to addiction and the things you’ll do for the next fix. It’s hard to imagine that people really face that reality, and that they would even consider doing some of the things in the movie, including inserting a needle into your vein, but I guess that shows the power of addiction and its reign over the user’s free will. The priest was particularly interesting; he represented the innocence that can be overcome by addiction because his vocation was in advocating the good lord’s name and will-- which clearly is not that of drug abuse....
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