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Unformatted text preview: SOCL 330.002 – CRIMINOLOGY SOCL WRITING ASSIGNMENT 3 – SLEEPERS DUE DATE: FRIDAY MARCH 25 General Guidelines: *Failure to adhere to the following guidelines will result in deductions to your grade. - The length of the paper is 3 pages of text (excluding the reference page). The paper should be double-spaced and written in size 12, times new roman or Arial font. The paper should contain a reference list conforming to APA style. A reference list must still be provided even if you only use your textbook. While you may include your opinion, you should not write in the 1st person and your opinion should not be the central focus of your argument. Sleepers depicts four men who come from very similar families and all experience the same highly traumatic childhood events. However, fifteen years later, two have become serious, career criminals and two are law-abiding citizens. Your paper should address this disconnect by accomplishing the following: - - Identify a theory (or theories) that explains why Tommy (Billy Crudup) and John (Ron Eldard) became criminals. Identify a theory (or theories) that explains why Lorenzo ‘Shakes’ (Jason Patric) and Michael (Brad Pitt) did not become criminals. o In your discussion of these theories you should provide a summary of the theory and a critical analysis of how it helps to explain these individuals’ behavior and where it falls short. No theory can fully explain all aspects of behavior. You are free to integrate more than one theory in your answer, but justify why you are doing so. However, you must use the same theory (theories) to explain each set of men. ...
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