blog project - Something Borrowed Something Blue Something...

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Something Borrowed, Something Blue, Something Lifted, Something New Societal expectations has greatly influenced my life and the lives of everyone that I know, and not for the better. Beauty seems to be defined by celebrities like Megan Fox and Angelina Jolie, and if such absolute perfection is normal, then how could your typic- al woman ever compare, or even stand a chance? There begins the quest for beauty through augmentation, enhancements and reductions. ..but when will enough be enough? Will we ever settle into the acceptance of our natural God-given traits? The an- swer is sadly no, not if reality shows like Bridalplasty are still airing. Miss USA, Shana Hockler hosts Bridalplasty ; it is a show about 12 beautiful brides who live in a mansion and compete for their “dream wedding.” This includes weekly bridal-themed competitions with surgical rewards. They each have a plastic sur- gery wish list and if they win that weeks competition, they get one of the surgeries from their list. The losers go head to head and are voted off by the remaining girls until only one bride gets all the procedures on her wish list, as well as a bridal closet of wedding necessities. (wedding dress, cake, gifts, etc) The girl’s ages range between 21-33 and all but two are white, petite girls. There are various characters on the show, from Alysson the overweight, but humble and humorous blonde and Alexandra the out- spoken “biggest looser” champion from a previous reality show. Then there’s Jenessa, a very tiny blonde with the “bitchy” attitude and a slight God-complex. Dr. Terry Dubrow makes each of the girls very aware of their flaws by personally
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blog project - Something Borrowed Something Blue Something...

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