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Lecture Study Guide for Exam 1. Introduction Perpetual, non-renewable, and renewable resources Conservation Land-use planning Stewardship Sustainability Important conservationists: Gifford Pinchot John Muir David Brower Teddy Roosevelt Aldo Leopold and the land ethic Things we need to develop: Environmental Viewpoint - integrity versus supply Environmental ethics - concern for the heritage we are leaving behind Ecological economics - sustainability should drive economic development Conservation of biodiversity and biodiversity hotspots Conservation principles No waste in nature Recycling and reuse Recycling limitation Ecosystem relationships - Mesocarnivore release in altered North American ecosystems The commons Absolute and relative resource scarcity Problems deal with quantity, quality, and productivity of resources Human populations Exponential growth and the J curve Population growth rates and doubling time (70/annual percentage growth rate) World problems Food Water quality and quantity
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Lecture_Study_Guide_for_Exam_1 - Lecture Study Guide for...

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