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Introduction to Computer Science I Using C ++ CSC 1253 Louisiana State University Semester Exam II—Study Outline Firstly, the exam is still scheduled for the Thursday, 28 th October lecture period. The examination covers material presented in each of the following: functions.pdf hardware-languages-translation.pdf tokens.pdf statements.pdf and the programming tools and techniques learned in writing assignments 4 ( perfect numbers ) and 5 ( making change ). Emphasis is of course on functions.pdf . The others are included to emphasise that you can’t forget how to use a while loop and how to deal with text file
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Unformatted text preview: I/O or programming tools and techniques learned in those notes or related assignments, for example. There will be approximately 10 problems, each involving the implementation of a C ++ function. Most will be short, many will be functions you have seen before and both value parameters and reference parameters will be used. Some will be main() functions and some functions will call other functions, including those you might have written in other problems on the exam. Any formulas needed for function calculations will be provided. The examination is closed book and notes. 1...
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