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Summary RESOURCES SUMMARY LOCAL CONTROL TERM RESOURCES PIN RESOURCES GLOBAL RESOURCES BLOCK RESOURCES Design Name exp_5a Fitting Status Design Rule Checking Failed Software Version M.53d Device Used XCR3064XL - 6 - PC44 Date 2-22-2011, 1:41PM Macrocells Used Pterms Used Registers Used Pins Used Function Block Inputs Used 0/64 (0%) 0/192 (0%) 0/64 (0%) 0/32 (0%) 0/160 (0%) LCT0 LCT1 LCT2 LCT3 LCT4 LCT5 LCT6 LCT7 ce = clock enable clk = clock oe = output enable sr = set/reset uct1 = universal control term clock uct2 = universal control term output
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Unformatted text preview: enable uct3 = universal control term preset uct4 = universal control term reset Signal Type Required Mapped Input 3 Output 29 Bidirectional GCK Pin Type Used Total I/O 29 GCK/I 4 Global clock net(s) used Universal Control Terms (Used/Total) 0/4 Function Block Local Control Terms (Used/Total) 0/32 Foldback NANDs (Used/Total) 0/32 back to top print page Page 1 of 1 2/22/2011 file://F:\exp_5a\exp_5a_html\fit\summary.htm...
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