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Introduction to Language COMD 2050 (Sec. 1b) Wed 3:10 – 6 PM Spring 2011 Hugh W. Buckingham, PhD Office Hours: 136 Coates Hall (Tue 12:30 – 3:30 PM and by appointment) Office Phone: LSU-6682 Cell Phone: 225-266-5621 SYLLABUS FOR COURSE A. COMD 2050 Introduction to Language (3) Linguistic study of the principal interrelated levels of language structure: phonetics, phonology, morphology, syntax, and semantics; related topics such as writing systems and dialects. B. Required Text: Yule, George. The study of language: An introduction (4th edition). Cambridge University Press, 2010. Paperback. Required outside reading for Chapt. 19 in the Yule textbook. “Ebonics” an LSA position statement of the linguistic and ethical treatment of African American English (AAE). I will send this to the class when we get to the chapter on sociolinguistics. This statement is a clear example of how the social science of linguistics officially supports an appropriate and ethical manner of viewing AAE. In so doing, COMD 2050 falls in line “appropriate reference” and an “ethical manner for study of the social sciences.” C. General education goals of the social sciences as related to the learning objectives of COMD 2050: C. 1 Extra Credit Assignment: [The student should consider this extra credit assignment as a crucial part the course. It directly relates to the social science objectives that form a major part of the objectives of COMD 2050 and that are explained below in the descriptions and procedures of this extra credit assignment.] If you complete this assignment, you will be given 10 points extra, to be added to your total score for the semester. To complete this assignment, you have to attend one session of the course ENGL 1051 (Spoken American English for International Teaching Assistants), and complete the evaluation questions on a sheet that you will be given at the beginning of the session. This assignment will involve you in LSU's recent attempts to improve the instruc- 1
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tional effectiveness of our foreign (non-native speakers of English) graduate teaching assistants. Essentially, you will be asked to evaluate the English and presentation skills of approximately five foreign graduate T.A. candidates, who will present sample teaching units in the session you will attend. This assignment will come later on in the semester, after you have learned a bit more about the linguistic structure of the English language. Please be aware that this is the ONLY
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COMD_2050_Sec._1b_SYLLABUS_Spring_2011-1 - Introduction to...

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