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ISS 336 001 Quiz One Dr. Handrick Form B-1 Fall 2010 ISS 336 Canada: Social Science Perspectives Name:_______________________ Dr. Handrick Fall 2010 Form B 1. The examination consists of 41 objective questions. Do not omit any. 2. PRINT your name and DO NOTwrite in your student number in the upper right hand corner of the test booklet. 3. Be sure to fill in your Name and Student Number CORRECTLY and SIGN your Scantron. 4. Double marked items will be scored wrong. Your score will be the number of items marked correctly. 5. Choose the single best answer to each question. _____________________________________________________________________________________ 1. This exam is A) Form A B) Form B 2. According to Philip Resnick: A) Canadians gave birth to their nation by overthrowing British monarchy B) English Canadians remained loyal to the Vatican C) Canadians carried out an American style revolution D) Canadians were to champion the more balanced, evolutionary character of the British institutions. 3. Prior to the construction of the St. Lawrence Seaway in 1956, ocean going ships could only go as far inland as A) Quebec City B) Montreal C) Toronto D) Detroit 4. The heavy trading corridor that comprises the region from Montreal through Toronto and into Detroit is known by what name? A) 401 Superhighway B) Golden Horseshoe C) Ontario pipeline D) Canadian National Super-corridor 5. Which of the following describes the role of primary industries in Canada A) Involved in finance, insurance and transportation B) Involved in production and transformation of raw materials C) Characterized by low investment in research and development D) Involved in extraction and export of natural resources 6. Which of the following countries is NOT a signatory to the United Nations Law of the Sea Convention and thus not entitled to participate in negotiations concerning its interpretation and enforcement? A) Canada B) Russia C) Great Britain D) United State of America 7. What religion has the largest number of members in Canada? A) Catholic B) Protestant C) Jewish D) Non-religions/Atheist 8. According to Resnick, after WWII the movement away from British identification united English and French Canada; the idea of a strong federal government and a more vibrant Canadian patriotism appealed to English Canadians and Québécois alike. A) True B) False 9. Runaway productions refer to… A) The shift in manufacturing from Ontario to low-wage Maritime region. B) The shift in manufacturing from Ontario to the U.S. under provisions of the North American Free Trade Agreement. C) The decision by Hollywood film makers to move production to Canada in take advantage of lower costs and tax incentives. D)
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ISS 336 Quiz 1 - ISS 336 Canada: Social Science...

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