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Comp II 1213-002 Crystal Ferguson September 12, 2011 Government’s Attempt At Morally Right What defines sin; is it the act of evil deeds? It could be one of the hardest words to define. Each person has his or her own interpretation. As nature, culture, individuals themselves change so does their view on sin. Based on old traditions some of the ethics will never change, but the new questions that arise are causing flaws in the previous views of good and evil. But on a different level, who is it that defines sin as a whole? Some people believe in a God or multiple ones. Their interpretations come from what this God says is moral and right. Every person has some kind of morals to lean on; some are very strong and positive, but others may be week or what some would consider evil. Defining the good morals has become increasingly difficult with the cultural changes in society. Today new questions about life and its existence have been brought to our attention some concerning the abortion laws or the Holocaust. The people making the laws are the ones who are determining whether they are morally right or not. Our lives are being controlled by governments, democratic or not, who hope to achieve what is morally right, but sometimes fail. Power, control, and money are some examples that drive people to sin as Shakespeare said, “Some by sin rise, and some by virtue fall,” which is true in some cases. The constant battle between good and evil and which one reigns is a cycle that is never ending on this earth
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Morally Right_ - Comp II 1213-002 Crystal Ferguson...

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