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SLAP Lesion Tears - Ferguson 1 Crystal M. Ferguson Dr....

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Ferguson 1 Crystal M. Ferguson Dr. Jennifer Volberding HHP 1713-002 28 September 2011 SLAP Lesion Tears Many injuries can occur while participating in sporting activities . Some are easy to diagnose and others take several tests done by an Athletic Trainer and a machine . One such injury is a SLAP lesion tear , or Superior Labrum from Anterior to Posterior. One, who experiences a SLAP tear , can have one of four types 1 . Surgery is not always required ; sometimes strengthening the shoulder muscles and the labrums are sufficient . With all surgeries rehabilitation is necessary . If surgery is the essential usually a six-month recovery period awaits the patient . Diagnosing a SLAP tear can often be difficult , because there are other injuries that often can occur in the same place with the some of the same side affects , for instance a Bankart tear 1 . There are several different tests around fifteen or sixteen that an Athletic Trainer can perform on a patient with a suspected SLAP lesion tear . These tests include : the Anterior Slides Test, Biceps Loads I , Biceps Load II, Biceps Tension Test, Compression Rotation, the Clunk Test, Crank Test , Dynamic Labral Shear test, the O’Brien test, Pain Provocation Test, Pronated Load Test , Resisted Supination External Rotation Test, SLAP-rehension test Speeds Tests, Yeager’s Test 1 , and finally the last test one could perform is the RSER test 2 . In every test , production of pain , popping, catching, or clicking is a positive result. Although not every test is necessary to
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Ferguson 2 diagnose a SLAP lesion tear , the more tests done the greater assurance the examiner has at
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SLAP Lesion Tears - Ferguson 1 Crystal M. Ferguson Dr....

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