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Andrew Medoro History 206 Discussion Questions: 9/23 1) Doyle describes the extent of the current financial system and the efforts of the Director of the Treasury Necker to curtail the rapid decline fiscally. What were your views on the moves made by Necker to help bring an end to the financial troubles of France? For example in place of restricting or reducing spending, Necker simply withdrew more loans from creditors, do you believe this decision aided French endeavors to expand their territories overseas, and compete with their arch-rival England. 2) Doyle goes on to describe a convention held in 1787 (the very eve of revolution) in which he called an “assembly of notables” this assembly consisted of one hundred and forty-four Frenchmen, of which less than ten were non-nobles. Do you believe this offered an accurate representation of French culture, in addition do you feel it would do an ample job of reprimanding several of the France’s problems. 3) Prior to open-revolution, Doyle describes several occasions throughout France in
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