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Andrew Medoro History 206 Dr. Thurston 16 September 2011 Discussion Questions #2 1. Wade describes the rapid industrialization that occurs within Russia prior to the Revolution, in addition he highlights the often-deplorable conditions with which the Russian people often had to live in. Do you believe that as historians we can make similarities between the industrial pace of American Industrialization, and the housing standards, which thousands of immigrants lived in? 2. What was your reaction to the Wade’s description of the “Bloody Sunday” incident, this is certainly not the first time that such high levels of violence have been used against citizens striving for change? Were you at all surprised by the fact that the Russian people were not deterred by such violence, and they still sought to alter their system of government, despite the assured risks? 3. The Russians were heavily involved in World War I, for example they suffered the highest casualties of any nation that fought in the conflict. Do
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