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discussion questions 1

discussion questions 1 - still awarded to the clergy i.e...

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Andrew Medoro Dr. Thurston 2 nd September 2011 History 206 Discussion Questions Week 1 1) What do you believe the significance of Goubert going into such detail with regards to the lack of French Tax Administration? Do you believe it served as a symbol for a general lack of Government Efficiency, eventually leading to a deficit and a subsequent revolt? 2) What was your reaction to the harsh insight that Doyle gave during his description of French Peasant life, for instance did the shear number of destitute families and children come off as a shock to you? Or did the fortunes of unwed mothers come off as a tragic insight to French social standards. 3) Doyle goes on to describe the “Medieval” way in which French Society is divided, between those who worked, fought, and prayed. Does this archaic method of social structure surprise you, and if so what is your reaction to French society still being divided in such a way. 4) While reading Baker, were you surprised by the level of reverence that is
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Unformatted text preview: still awarded to the clergy i.e. tax exemption and prominence in the First Estate, after the reformation. With nearly 1/6 of all French citizens being of Protestant Faith, are you surprised that their power has not diminished over time, given a decline in membership in France and throughout Europe? 5) As Baker’s writing continues, we see an in depth depiction develop concerning the role of a “Prince” in French Society and Politics. In this portion of the writing we see the Monarch or Prince’s rule continue to be defined as “Absolute” and ‘”Without Justification.” In your opinion did the lack of representation given towards the public with regards to government and the running of the nation contribute to the eventual fall of the monarchy, for the populace must of seem distraught and frustrated by their lack of say within the running of the nation....
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