7) - Arid-very little precipitation throughout the year...

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9/28-Moule 3: Weather & Climate m-> maritime (wet) C-> continental (dry) T-> Tropical P-> Polar E-> Equatorial A-> Arctic Cold Front- is denser than warm arm, so it gets pushed over the cool air and subsequently cools as its rises Warm Front- warm air rises above cool air on a gradual slope Stationary Front-both warm and cold on alternating sides Climate Types: provide an easier way of categorizing the various types of weather patterns Continental types of climate have more of a temperature fluctuation, Temperature is always shown with a line graph, and precipitation is shown with a bar graph Mediterranean Climate- dry summers Monsoon Climates-have a very active “wet season” while very little in the rest of the year Tropical- consistent high levels throughout the year
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Unformatted text preview: Arid-very little precipitation throughout the year Figure 7.10 (pg 230-231) Cold air cannot have as much precipitation Climate Change Figure 3.1 (pg 84) C02 in ppm remained at a constant rate until the industrial revolution; this has resulted in a steady increase since 1850/1875 Watts per sq meter is the measurement for incoming solar radiation; Carbon Dioxide is one of the most influential radioactive effects Despite both cooling and warming effects, there is a substantial gain in warming factors. Mt. Pinatubo effect, volcano in Philippines, erupted in the 1980s, and cooled Earth’s temperatures for several years Negative Feedback loop: Positive Feedback loop:...
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7) - Arid-very little precipitation throughout the year...

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