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cloud 9 characters

cloud 9 characters - Joshua n/a Edward by a man Maud ACT 1...

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ACT 1 Clive - patriarch, husband/father, colonizer/administrator Betty - clive’s wife; mother to Edward + Victoria, played by a man Joshua - servant played by a white man Edward - son, played by a woman Maud - Betty’s mom/mother in law –desires to maintain feminine stereotype ACT 2 Clive-n/a Betty-played by a woman, desires independence
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Unformatted text preview: Joshua- n/a Edward- by a man Maud- ACT 1 Ellen-Governess, lesbian in love with Betty Mrs. Saunders- widow, lives alone Harry Begley-explorer who represents British courage and daring Victoria- played by a doll Martin-Lin- N/A Cathy- 5 years old and played by a man...
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