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Andrew Medoro MBI 111B 10/25/10 Cholera Epidemic in Haiti Stabilizing Health officials early this week in Haiti have reported that the rate of Cholera infection is slowing at a stable rate. Despite the 250 fatalities and 3,000 total infected the rate of increase has slowed over the past few weeks. This is due in part to UN efforts to educate, inform, and empower Haitians in methods of avoiding infection as well as UN establishment of health treatment centers. This is welcome news as the recent Cholera epidemic is seen as a dangerous threat to the 1.3 million Earthquake survivors currently living in refuge tents and camps near the Capitol City of Port au Prince Haiti. The poor sanitary conditions as well as contaminated water have led to such a spread within recent weeks, Gabriel Thismonte the chairman of Haiti’s Health Department was quoted saying that “"We have registered a diminishing in numbers of deaths and of hospitalized people
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