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Andrew Medoro HST 121 BA 18 November 2010 The Letters of Abelard and Heloise Upon the conclusion of reading their correspondence as well studying Abelard’s Historia Calamitatum , one cannot deny the love that existed between Abelard and Heloise. Despite the many hardships that existed including public scandal, shunning, and unmentionable tragedies can deny that their love still existed and is seen passionately and evidently through their correspondence. Several aspects of Middle Age society are seen fervently throughout this collection of writing including a period of inquiry and a desire for knowledge, a birth of scholasticism in the sense that all knowledge must be organized with a particular emphasis on logic and the dialectic, a surplus population which led to clergy performing other tasks including teaching, and finally a shifting of teaching locations from Monasteries to many Universities throughout Europe. Abelard had earned tremendous fame as both a philosopher, theologian, and lecturer, so much so that his audiences frequently numbered in the hundreds and “and there my pupils gathered in crowds until there were too many for the place to hold or the land to support” and this led to him meeting the woman who would ultimately change his life for the rest of his days. “While in the extent of her learning she stood supreme. A gift for letters is so in rare in women that it added greatly to her charm and had made her the most renowned throughout the realm” This is the first depiction of Heloise by Abelard and in doing so he reveals his ultimate attraction to her one which would ultimately lead to marriage and a life of controversies. Early on in their relationship we learn of his
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almost immediate infatuation with Eloise and his fervent attempts to obtain her affection, “ All on fire with desire for this girl I sought an opportunity of getting to know her through private daily meetings and so more easily winning her over” Such attempts demonstrate his immediate affection for Heloise and such actions would ultimately have profound effects on his life. Abelard’s love for Eloise is seen throughout the furthering of their courtship as he attempts to establish his lodging within the resident of Eloise and her Uncle Fulbert. Her then uses this as an opportunity to further court Eloise “ Need I say more? We were united, first under one roof, then in heart” “ Love drew our eyes o look on each other more than reading kept them on our texts.” Their relationship grew in secret due to the disapproval of Eloise’s Uncle Fulbert, and eventually Eloise found herself to be pregnant. Out of love and respect the two planned to be married in secret, despite the risks involved
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abelard and heloise - Andrew Medoro HST 121 BA 18 November...

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