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everything is illumiated rp - heartfelt cinematic...

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Andrew Medoro Dr. Dunning English 143 6 September 2011 Everything is Illuminated Our class’ viewing of Everything is Illuminated was without doubt a very thought-provoking and intriguing experience. We divulged into the world of a young man seeking to reclaim the memories of his family’s heritage, with particular regards to the Holocaust and post-war Ukraine. A young man by the name of Alex runs a family- based company that seeks to reunite American Jews with their ancestors in modern day Ukraine. This is an unusual task for the Grandfather initially appears Anti-Semitic and is very hostile to the propositions of acquiring new business opportunities. This was an intriguing proposition to open the story with and I was instantly intrigued as to how their stories would eventually intertwine. This film highlighted aspects of the post-war world, which has previously been unknown to me as both of student of literature and history. It offered a compelling and
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Unformatted text preview: heartfelt cinematic experience one that highlighted the true meaning and importance of maintaining the connections with the past, or risk losing our true identities. The most perplexing scene of the film was when Grandfather mysteriously kills himself after reaffirming his identity as a Ukrainian Jew, my conclusion to this scene was that after reconnecting with his past self he had seen his life as fulfilled and is at peace with his life upon finally reclaiming his past identity. Which begs the question did he initially start the company in an attempt to reconnect with his past self, or out of some desire to aide those whose lives had been forever changed by the war. This film provided a unique insight into how life and memories are interconnected, it was a thoroughly enjoyable and emotionally heartfelt experience....
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everything is illumiated rp - heartfelt cinematic...

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