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1. If I were to be granted one superpower I would choose the ability to Fly. I pride myself on my ability to arrive to places in a time-effective manner. However, there are often times circumstances which lie outside of my control, (e.g. traffic jams and long traffic lights) these situations would ultimately be made simpler if I could fly. In addition the long walks of Miami’s campus can eventually wear down on a young student, and as such having the ability to fly would make these commutes much more enjoyable and time-effective. 2. This past summer I worked as a Swim Coach for one of the local recreation centers. This was a very interesting and challenging opportunity; it required a variety of talents, which include communication, teamwork, public speaking, and an extensive level of organization. I was initially intimated by the prospect of administering eighty children
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Unformatted text preview: between the ages of 9-10, in addition I had secondary roles which included putting on meets, producing lineups and working with parent volunteers, and meet officials. This was a successful experience, it taught me the value in communication with others, and what can truly be accomplished with hard work and dedication. 3. Over the past several years, I have spent my time in various leadership and service-based roles that affect both my community as well as campus life. I have enjoyed playing a key role in campus life and my surrounding community. This is a role I have started to continue within my Fraternity, but in addition I would love the opportunity to do so at Miami University through Campus Activities Council....
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