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I write in a quiet place

I write in a quiet place - theme • A bad writing...

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I write in a quiet place, somewhere I can focus and not be disturbed. I write usually towards then end of my day, I take it as a gradual warm down rather than a burden and stress upon my day I begin my writing by developing a thesis, to see where I want to go in my writing; I conclude my writing by revising my thesis to ensure all aspects of my writing are included. A good writing experience was my Sequence IV paper, it gave me a lot of free reign to explore my interests, and how they related to the course
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Unformatted text preview: theme. • A bad writing experience for me was • I get writer’s block frequently during my writing, I usually stop and take a break, this is why I choose to break my writing up over several days rather than have a marathon finish the day before. • A situation that encouraged me to continue writing was • I don’t write that often out of school. • I often read the USA Today,...
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