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midterm study guide - and was overturned by congressional...

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Political Science 142 Mid-Term 1 Study Guide Federalism- government authority shared by national and local governments. U.S. v. Darby- government has power to regulate hours, pay, child labor. U.S. Term Limits v. Thorton- qualifications (term limits) can only be regulated by national amendment N.Y. v. United States- nuclear power waste U.S. v. Lopez- prohibits guns in certain areas U.S. v. Morrison- Attempted to sue over personal damages “rape” college Gonzales v. Raich- medical marijuana, state cannot supersede federal law Dred Scott v. Sandford-no slave can be considered an United States citizen , pre-civil war
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Unformatted text preview: and was overturned by congressional amendment. Steven Douglass-let the states decide issue of slavery (popular sovereignty) Fiscal Federalism Grants in aid-money given by national government to states Mandates-terms set by national government in order for states to obtain aid (i.e. lower drinking age for highway money) Categorical grants-specific purpose money Conditions of aid- terms set by national government that states must meet in order to receive federal aid Devolution- transfer of all public programs and services from federal government to states....
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