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Andrew Medoro Ms. Laura Jarboe History 112CA 17 February 2011 Making the World Safe for Democracy During his two terms in office President Woodrow Wilson strived to achieve a peaceful democratic society both overseas and abroad. While initially seeking a path of neutrality during the Great War, actions outside of his control including the Sinking of the Lusitania, and the Zimmerman Note, forced his and that of the American people to wage war against the Central Powers (Germany and Austria) and in support of the Triple Entente (France, Great Britain, and Russia). While his intent remained focus on spreading American ideals and government policies abroad, such initiatives were often disregarded domestically as certain free speech efforts were suspended during World War I. At the start of his first term Wilson had an extremely neutral attitude to the Great War, he wanted America to such overseas entanglements. In fact Document 36 shows Wilson making a special appeal to Americans to remain neutral in both thought and action (Document 36). This particular speech occurred early in Wilson’s term in August of 1914, and at this early stage in his Presidency Wilson largely did his best to ensure American interests and policies remained out of the war. This policy remained true throughout the majority of his first term, in fact during his reelection campaign he ran under a policy of the man who “kept us out of the war”. Despite the sinking of Lusitania in May of 1915, which killed over one thousand people, one hundred twenty eight of who 1
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were American citizens (Berkin 509), Wilson and his staff remained fervent in their anti-war international policy.
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primay source paper - 1 Medoro Andrew Medoro Ms Laura...

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