sequence V paper - 1 Medoro Andrew Medoro Ms. Lynnetta Hall...

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Andrew Medoro Ms. Lynnetta Hall English 112 DD 4 May 2011 Dear Andrew, You are right at the conclusion of your first year at college. It’s safe to say that this has been an enjoyable experience; you are currently looking forward to summer, but more importantly onto the next three years of college, and inevitably the rest of your life. If you do not remember you are writing this letter roughly one year after you wrote another letter to yourself, this one however was designed to prepare for considerably the most exciting part of your life thus far, attending your first year of college. The following pages will reflect upon this past year, specifically the past semester in English 112, and what you have learned this past semester as a student, reader, writer, and an individual. This past semester our two main course themes were identity and reality; we explored them through many facets of literature, movies, and our own class developed film productions. Throughout this semester, this class has taught me in particular to take in depth review into both my reading and writing, this experience enabled me to take particular care into my writing during the entire process, as well as my reading through the process of an online journal. For the past several years in my varying English classes, I have spent a good portion of the year keeping journals of my readings, however this semester was an intricate experience for me. It was the first time in my English career
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sequence V paper - 1 Medoro Andrew Medoro Ms. Lynnetta Hall...

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