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Andrew Medoro Ms. Lynnetta Hall English 112 1 March 2011 Writer’s Memo While reading As I Lay Dying the element of literature that stood out the most for me was Faulkner’s commendable use of narration shift. Throughout the novel the main narrator shifts with each corresponding chapter, and enables the reader to have a full literary experience. As such I felt it pertinent to discuss this detail in further throughout my paper. For example I highlighted several elements of the story with which the effect of the narrator had a great effect on my interpretation of the story. I chose several
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Unformatted text preview: pertinent paragraphs, each of which had an important effect on me as a reader. The sections which stood out for me was Darl’s writing and he begins to lose his mind, Addie’s section from beyond the grave, and finally the all important river-crossing scene. Each of these sections stood out for me as being relevant to the story line, and each were affected by the narration by the specific character. This was an interesting paper to write and offered me a chance to dive into literary novel to great depth, and to truly explore the meaning behind Faulkner’s literary decisions....
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