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Name pg number Header Include teacher name Kyle Hopkins 2/29/11 English 112 Darl Bundren: Unexpectedly Unreliable Often times in his writing, William Faulkner presents different, and often conflicting, points of view about one aspect of the text. A perfect example of this is the character Darl Bundren in the story “As I Lay Dying”. From very early in the story, it is obvious by the reader that Darl is the most intelligent member of the Bundren family and that he has a more realistic outlook on life than any other character. The earliest examples of this perspective are given during the sections in which Darl is the narrator and telling the story from his point of view. During these sections, information is given that seems to be much more in depth and accurate. Much more insight is given during Darl’s section than during any other of the family members sections. I try to avoid starting a sentence with “because”Because of this, the reader believes that Darl’s sections should be used to understand exactly what is going on. Another reason why it can be concluded that Darl has a much better grasp on things is the descriptions given be Dewey Dell. As Darl’s sister, Dewey Dell gives him very high praise and she even believes that Darl somehow knows what she is thinking. Darl is the only person who is aware that Dewey Dell is pregnant, which again makes the reader believe that he is more aware of his surroundings and has more common sense. The pregnancy was not the only instance where Darl seemed to just somehow know what was going on. Just days before his mother’s death, he went on a trip with his brother Jewell. Although they were miles away, Darl explains the exact scene when his mother Addie dies and even tells Jewell precisely when she passed away. These events all come
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peer review paper - Name pg number Header Include teacher...

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