group prospectus - dream and on a Saturday morning our two...

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The Four Musketeers-Prospectus Team Members Andrew Medoro Kyle Hopkins Bryan Watson Qiannan Lei Title: Mary and Lynnetta’s Excellent Adventure/Totally Bogus Journey Setting: Taking place on Miami’s campus, mostly old brick buildings along with several scenes taking place on Western Campus including our climatic bridge scene. Characters: Kyle: Is a Miami University Freshman who spent last night neglecting his work and going out with his friend Andrew. Male characters with female names and wearing feminine clothing. Our main characters run into two of our classmates Qiannan and Bryan who both aide in our struggling journey. Both are played by females and males but again have gender confusion to clothing. Issues: Gender Confusion: frequently in the novel the two main characters will be seen in feminine clothing, this is left unnoticed by the remaining cast members. Identity/Reality: the audience is unaware that the majority of the play is taking place in a
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Unformatted text preview: dream and on a Saturday morning, our two main characters believe it to be a weekday and both are grossly unprepared for the days academic trials. Plan of Action: Kyle will be playing Mary, a confused Miami Freshman struggling to get to class on time. Andrew will be playing Lynnetta Kyle’s longtime friend and classmate who joins him on the journey. Qiannan- Classmate who we meet along the way and joins in on our journey. Bryan-Innocent bystander who helps along our journey. Notes: This is all taking place in Kyle’s dream, relative to Inception and upon conclusion of the play we suddenly realize that it is a Saturday and we don’t have class. This play is largely going to be a satire of several novels which we have read in class i.e. As I Lay Dying and Cloud 9. Bryan-716-515-5429 Kyle-937-474-4755 Qiannan-513-593-0369...
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group prospectus - dream and on a Saturday morning our two...

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