Syllabus, Schedule - MIAMI UNIVERSITY, FALL 2010-11 MGT...

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MIAMI UNIVERSITY, FALL 2010-11 MGT 111: INTRODUCTION TO BUSINESS Sections A (8:00 am), B (9:05 am), C (10:10 am), D (12:45 pm); All classes meet in FSB 0020 COURSE SYLLABUS AND CLASS SCHEDULE INSTRUCTOR INFORMATION : Prof. (Mr.) Ron Schloemer (pronounced "Schlemmer"). Office: FSB 3068 Hall. Work phone: 529-8597, or you can contact the Management Department secretary in FSB 3056 at 529- 4215. You can also reach me at home: 523-8210. My office hours are before class on MWF, 7-7:50 a.m., and from 2:00-3:00 pm. Tuesday office hours are from 9-11 a.m. Other days and times are by appointment. Note: I do not have office hours on Thursday . The best way to contact me at other times is through email: REQUIRED AND RECOMMENDED TEXTS : (1) You are required to have one textbook for this class: Nickels, McHugh, and McHugh, Understanding Business , Ninth Edition, 2010. Chicago: Irwin Press. You do NOT have to bring your book to class. RECOMMENDED SUPPORT SOURCES : Although the textbook will provide the necessary background to understanding business, you will be expected to keep up with and discuss current business events. Numerous excellent publications are available online, in the library, or at your favorite newsstand that provide current business news and/or articles of Interest. Among the most readable business magazines, and ones that I would recommend, are Bloomberg Businessweek , Forbes , Fortune , or Fast Company . Complimentary copies and subscription forms – at very affordable student discount -- for Bloomberg Businessweek will be made available at the beginning of the semester. For even more comprehensive and current business news of the day, perhaps the best financial newspaper available is The Wall Street Journal . For those interested, the WSJ offers excellent semester rates to business students. More information will be provided early in the term. COURSE OBJECTIVES : Through a combination of reading, in-class exercises, lectures and discussion, as well as various writing assignments, this course satisfies the objectives and principles of Miami University’s plan for liberal education. Specifically, it should encourage you to: 1. THINK CRITICALLY : MGT 111 will introduce you to the basic vocabulary of the business world and fundamental concepts of managing an enterprise to meet the expectations of the stakeholders. You can expect to be challenged to think critically and independently about the assumptions you read about or hear in class. 2. UNDERSTAND CONTEXTS . MGT 111 will underscore the interdisciplinary nature of business , and allow you to integrate a wide array of disciplines, from communicative skills, to elements of economics, psychology, sociology, and formal reasoning. By reporting on selected articles from the mainstream business literature, you will be able to see the parallels and connections between the textbook and the classroom and “real world” enterprises. 3.
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Syllabus, Schedule - MIAMI UNIVERSITY, FALL 2010-11 MGT...

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