stock data - potentially be slowing down. In addition there...

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Andrew Medoro Business Management 111C 11/16/10 1)A- The closing value of the Dow is listed at 11,023.50. (-178.47) (-1.59%) B- The closing value of the Nasdaq is listed at 2,469.84. (-43.98) (-1.75%) 2) The Dow did have a significant fall of well over 100 points, this is due to a recent surge of Asian inflation, this has led to concerns that Chinese economic growth could
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Unformatted text preview: potentially be slowing down. In addition there is concern that several Irish Banks may need bailing out 3) The closing price for my company Lockheed-Martin was 68.68 which was a .69 or . 99% decrease. My companys earnings per share was 7.41 and its price earnings of 9.27....
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