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Andrew Medoro Business Management 111C November 2, 2010 Exec. Summary-2 The $6 Billion Bio-Defense Opportunity Recently, Forbes reported on an upcoming budget increase in the areas of bio defense. This article was written by Chandresh Harjivan on October 22, 2010. Hariivan generally concluded that such a proposed increase of our defense budget could have desirable effects upon our economy including IT, Pharmaceuticals, and many others. The specific technologies listed include adjuvants, DNA vaccine technologies, flexible marketing technology, new methods of delivery, improved production processes, diagnostics, and finally anti-biotics. Each of these has the ability to greatly stimulate our own American economy. Our health and human services department is attempting to make a holistic economic effort with regards to combating terrorism. As such they are seeking to involve more companies and their technologies in the overall defense process by making available more government contracts to encourage
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participation. This plan includes attempts to make us less vulnerable to
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exec summary 2 - A ndrew Medoro Business Management 111C...

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