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Andrew Medoro Communications 135 Rhetorical Analysis President George W. Bush The speaker was our 43 rd President of the United States of America George Walker Bush; it took place nearly a week after the 9-11 tragedies of 2001. Before serving as our President, President Bush served as the 46 th Governor of Texas, attended Yale University and later obtained his MBA from Harvard University. In addition Bush is Conservative-Republican. This affected his speech by it demonstrated his high level of education with certain emphasis on exemplary vocabulary as well as it showed his ardent patriotism and passion for his country. The direct audience was the joint session of Congress following the 9-11 Terrorist attacks as well as several important government figures (e.g. prominent cabinet members). But more importantly his audience was the American people whose lives had been changed forever barely a week previous. The speaker did an excellent job of adjusting to his audience through fervent appeals to our emotions in calling upon all Americans to unite in the face of terror while at the same time comforting a grieving nation to the best of his ability. This speech took place during a joint-session of Congress following the Terrorist Attacks of September 11 th , 2001. This speech was crafted in order to comfort an emotionally struck populace as well as offer promises to the American people as well as pledges to avenge such a tragedy and take measures to prevent it from occurring again. This speech was in a direct response to the attack upon our nation and as such there was a
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rhetorical analysis - Andrew Medoro Communications 135...

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