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Multiple Choice- Written Chapter 14 Interest rate terms Premium vs. discount Issuing bonds between interest payment dates *Recording interest expense using the Bond Issue Costs effective interest and partial year *Classification of liabilities on balance sheet *Selling price of bond using PV; *Issuing bonds between interest payment *Selling bonds between interest payment dates dates and repurchase *Interest expense *Redemption of bonds/Gain/Loss *Notes Payable adjusting entries Chapter 15 Application of terms dealing with stock *Treasury Stock Transactions *Issuing stock and paying dividends
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Unformatted text preview: Sections of Stockholders’ Equity *Prepare SE equity of BS Stock issuing costs Stock split Dividends *Dividends (stock & cash) *Allocation proportional/incremental *Treasury Stock Transactions *Stockholder equity amounts *Retained Earnings Chapter 16 Sweetener *Issuing Convertible bonds Stock dividend *Issuing bonds with warrants If converted *Weighted average with splits & dividends Convertible bonds vs. stock warrants *Earnings Per Share Detachable vs. non-detachable warrants *Convertible Bonds entries *Bonds with warrants entries *Stock Options *Compensation Expense *Earnings Per share (Basic & Fully Diluted) *denotes calculation problems...
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