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Grasshopper Anatomy 1. External anatomy Instructions Study a preserved specimen of the grasshopper. Note the division of the body into three tagmata: head, thorax, and abdomen. Is the grasshopper segmented throughout, or is segmentation more apparent in certain regions of the body? The exoskeleton is composed of hard plates, called sclerites, that are bounded by sutures of soft cuticle. The head of the grasshopper is freely movable. Notice the compound eyes , the antennae, and three ocelli, one dorsal to the base of each antenna and one in the groove between them. Note: some species do not have ocelli. The head consists of the cheeks, or genae; the front of the face, or frons; the clypeus below the frons and the movable bilobed upper lip, or labrum. The vertex is the back of the head between the eyes. The cervix is the neck. Lift up the labrum and observe the toothed mandibles. The bilobed lower lip, or labium, is the result of the fusion of the second maxillae. The labium bears on each side a three-jointed labial palp. Between the mandible and labium are the paired maxillae, each with a maxillary palp, a flat lobe, and a toothed jaw. Note how the mouthparts are adapted for biting and chewing. The thorax is made up of three somites: prothorax, mesothorax , and metathorax, each bearing a pair of legs. The pronotum is the shield-like structure covering much of the thorax. The mesothorax and metathorax also bear a pair of wings. Spiracles (external openings of the insect's tracheal system) are located above the legs in the mesothorax and metathorax. Note the leathery
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Grasshopper_Anatomy - Grasshopper Anatomy 1. External...

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