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Lab12Handout - I Organization of flowering plants...

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pp. 103-104, 106-111, 115-118, C77-79 GOALS: -Describe the role of water in the survival of plants and how water is transported through them. -Define transpiration and explain the process of transpirational pull. -Explain how certain conditions can affect the rate of transpiration. -Identify and state the functions of major tissues in an herbaceous stems, woody eudicot stem, and leaf cross-section. -Be able to visually differentiate between eudicot and monocot stems. KEY TERMS: leaf Cross-Section , cuticle, leaf vein, palisade, mesophyll, spongy mesophyll, stoma/stomata, guard cells, herbaceous stems , epidermis, cortex, vascular bundle, upper/lower epidermis, xylem, phloem, pith, woody eudicot stem , cork, annual ring, cortex, xylem, phloem, vascular cambium, experiment , transpiration/transpiration rate, transpirational pull, stomatal transpiration, cuticular transpiration,
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Unformatted text preview: I. Organization of flowering plants introduction: p.103-105 (skip observation: a living plant): Read and answer questions. II. Stomata: p. 106: Look at the demo slide of stoma and answer questions 4-7. III. Leaf Cross-Section: pp. 107: View leaf cross-section slide and answer questions. IV. Herbaceous Stems: p. 108-109: Read and answer questions. View demo of celery and carnation. How has the colored water entered these plants? V. Woody Eudicot Stem: p. 110-111 (top): Follow procedures #1-7 to view slide and identify structures. View wood block, which is also a woody eudicot stem. VI. Transpiration Introduction: pp. C77-C79: Read and answer questions. VII. Transpiration experiment: pp.115-117: Read and follow instructions. You can choose which varied condition to investigate in your groups. VII. Review: p. 118: Answer questions 3-9...
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