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Siegel Chapt 1-3 head book andvictim lecture

Siegel Chapt 1-3 head book andvictim lecture - Review Guide...

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Review Guide – 3024 Exam 1 Be sure you have read all the chapters (SS 1-3; H 1, 3, and 7) and guest lecturer materials). As always, you are responsible for all reading and lecture material that is assigned. The review guide is only a guide. Information not included on this sheet but that which was covered in class or in the text is fair game. Know key terms in each Chapter Understand culture and the role it plays in our perceptions about the CJ system. Know the criminal justice wedding cake and its significance to the system. Understand the relevance of discretion in our system? How does it work? Is it necessary? Know how the following effect and are effected by the Due Process and Crime Control Debate a. Police, Courts, Corrections b. Political Agendas c. Informal and Formal Social Control d. Societal Typologies (mechanistic vs. organic types) Know the current system and which models influences operations What to expect in terms of CJ operations if we move from crime control model to due process or vice versa.
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