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Writing Assignment 1 - questions I expect a carefully...

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CCJ 3024 Writing Assignment The questions to be answered in this writing assignment are as follows: (1) What qualities make up an effective criminal justice system official (i.e. good police officer, correctional officer, prosecutor, defense attorney, judge, probation officer)? (2) Describe the process by which the criminal justice system official’s working personality is developed. In other words, compare and contrast the formal vs. informal processes that contribute to the development and function of the official’s role in the system. (3) Lastly, how is efficiency measured in their official capacity AND what factors does he/she feel could help better assess their effectiveness and efficiency in their positions? Really think about these
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Unformatted text preview: questions. I expect a carefully crafted set of answers that build up to the last question. It is expected that the sources for this paper will consist of: (1) at least 2 interviewed officials, (2) some web resources, and (3) 2 professional refereed journal articles. You are welcome to use other sources if you like. The paper should be between approximately 5 pages (not including charts, tables, references) with proper spelling, punctuation, citations, and references. All papers are to be typed. The paper is worth 50 points (Q1 and Q2 are worth 10 pts. each; Q3 is worth 30 pts.)....
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