Writing Exercise 2_Crime and Disorder

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CJE 4663 –Assignment Crime and Disorder Name __________________ SS# ____________________ Directions: Develop a 3-4 page paper based on the following questions. The paper should use APA (American psychological association) format with 12 point font and 1 inch margins. I expect proper paragraph, grammar and spelling. You need to use at least 5 sources to develop this paper. Include a reference page and cite within the body of the paper to support the arguments that you make. Do not use 1 st person in this paper (i.e. I think, I feel). Scenario Disorder and crime often go hand and hand. This combination has resulted in some persistent problems with public safety in communities of all size around the United States. Given this problem: 1) Identify a longstanding crime and disorder problem in your home town (if you cannot identify one in your hometown, identify a longstanding crime and disorder problem in another city in the United States and discuss how the crime and disorder are related. In
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