Test1 - Fall 2008 Introduction to Probability Test I Monday Page 1 of 1 STA 4321/5325 Instructions Please turn o your cell phones You have 50

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Fall 2008 Test I Page: 1 of 1 Introduction to Probability Monday, September 15, 2008 STA 4321/5325 Instructions: Please turn of your cell phones. You have 50 minutes to take this test. Relative point values are provided next to each problem. Please write all oF your answers on a separate sheet oF paper and make sure you have clearly labeled the problem corresponding to your answer. Absolutely no cheating. I have planted a hidden camera in the room. Well, no camera, but the TA and I will be watching you like a hawk. Make sure your answers are clearly stated. ±or instance, an answer to a Yes/No question that looks like Yneos ± or Yes No will automatically be graded as wrong! This test has a total oF 44 points. Good Luck! Name: 1 (2+2+2+2+2=10 points) Two identical six-sided dice are rolled together and the two showing num- bers are recorded without consideration of order. (a) How many di±erent outcomes in the sample space are there? (b) Write out the event consisting of rolls that sum to seven.
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