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BUS 101 homework - communities and students of all ages 3...

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2. page 204, 7 lines about General Motors After the economic bailout of General Motors, the company dedicated itself to be environmentally friendly. This includes how they operate their factories and business offices, using renewable and recyclable materials as much as possible, and making cars and trucks that use less fuel and produce fewer greenhouse gases. Their commitment extends to sharing with others its knowledge about the environment, energy, and technology to help promote an appreciation for and understanding of how they impact natural surroundings. General Motors is very active in educational outreach to employees, local
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Unformatted text preview: communities and students of all ages. 3. pages 206-7, 14 lines about Toyota To ensure that its products are accepted and well received around the world, Toyota has positioned the environment as a priority management issue. Toyota is seeking to become a leading company that contributes to the development of a recycling-based society through innovative environmental technologies. In order to achieve this, Toyota has created environmental management systems in regions around the world and is continually promoting measures with goals set at the highest levels of expectation....
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