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Will Boas BUS 102 Summary Draft 2 The second speech inconsideration for the annual meeting is titled “Where Good Ideas Come From” by Steven Johnson. The speech explains how people come up with new ideas and offers strategies on achieving the best environments to come up with these new ideas. The speaker opens with a picture of the Grande Café, the first coffee and tea shop in England. Society changing from alcohol to coffee and tea fostered many new ideas on its own because people were not intoxicated all day every day. The presence of these coffee shops sprouting up in England laid the base for the Enlightenment to occur. At many coffee shops such as this one, scholars and philosophers with all different point of views and backgrounds came together to share ideas and discuss intellectual topics. Many ideas fostered from the Enlightenment are still used today. Steven then explained the fact that an idea is a network. An idea is garnered from a different configuration of neurons firing in the brain that has never occurred before. The speaker gave the example
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