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March 31, 2011 To: Mark Allan From: William Boas Subject: Speaker Recommendation Enclosed is a brief summary of two possible speakers for the annual company meeting as well as a recommendation of which one to choose. This speaker would be an excellent addition to the meeting. “Why Work Doesn’t Happen at Work” By: Jason Fried The overall message of the speech explains why employees have trouble getting work accomplished in a typical office setting. Work never gets done at the office because of all of the distractions that occur. Workers, especially creative thinkers, need to have long uninterrupted lengths of time to solve problems and generate ideas. Being constantly interrupted sends thinking back to its beginning stages. The speaker identifies the most disruptive distraction to be managers. Managers involuntarily distract employees with constant active communication and numerous unnecessary meetings. The speaker concludes by giving ideas to improve workplace efficiency such as implementing days without talking in the office and far less meetings.
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