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Will Boas ENG 111: Writer’s Memo 9/29/2010 Remember the Titans: “Coach Boone’s Speech” Overall as a whole, I am pretty content with my paper. After an unworldly amount of stress that was ultimately all for not, I think this paper competently accomplishes my goals. I wanted to find a topic that I was interested in. I searched long and hard for a topic I could relate to, something that I would truly enjoy analyzing through a rhetorical lens. I didn’t think this was particularly difficult because I found it somewhat enjoyable. The hardest part in my opinion was finding a topic. The rest was all downhill from there. I had a few goals for this paper. I wanted to deeply analyze this speech thoroughly and appropriately. I believe I did a fairly good job in doing so. Another goal of mine was to relate the topic to a more general idea. I think I also did a pretty good job in that aspect. I think finding this topic made such deep analysis possible because that analysis came deep down from me.
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