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William Boas ENG 111: Reflective Inquiry 28 August 2010 State of the Union Address: Westlake High School Edition The third Tuesday in April was always a big day at Westlake High School. Well, maybe not for everyone. But for me, it marked the passing of another year, another speech. I had been the incumbent class treasurer ever since eighth grade and I was now a junior about to run for senior class treasurer. It was almost a label for me. Anyone I didn’t really know particularly well could simply drum up a conversation about me being the treasurer as if it were nothing. The only deterrent from the whole situation was the dreaded campaign speech. Public speaking is undoubtedly one of my poorest qualities, and a speech in front of my entire class brought about sweat, nervous breakdowns, last minute restroom stops and more. Who knew a person could be so stressed out about such a minute little thing. In the grand scheme of things, it really was not that significant. Back in high school, I was the class favorite, the nice guy. Over the years I was victorious in “elections”, I view them as merely popularity contests, against the class untouchables, including the jocks, workaholics, and socials that all wanted and deserved the position way more than I did. I simply viewed it as a way to bolster my resume, while others truly wanted to fully uphold the responsibilities of the position to the best of their abilities. I think of myself as a shy, passive and relatively lazy person, none of which describe an effective leader. But it was a forgone conclusion that I was going to win, and I took that approach as I prepared my speech. I didn’t prepare one. In the past, I worked long and hard to write a persuading and well thought out piece of literature depicting why I should keep my position. I didn’t need to do any of that. I had to think about who this speech was going to be delivered to: a group of hundreds of teenagers in a hot auditorium that really didn’t care about what I had to say. They already knew in their minds that they were voting for me, they needed no convincing. I knew first hand because numerous people would always tell me that afterwards. Include the teachers grading papers instead of listening
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boaswaspeechpaper - William Boas ENG 111: Reflective...

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