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Will Boas Writer’s memo 8/29/2010 I really enjoyed doing this assignment, and I definitely cannot say that about the majority of writing that I do. I believe that when I enjoy whatever I am writing, it brings out the best in my work. I put a good amount of time into the paper and I think it will show. My goals were to merely complete all objectives of the assignment. My thinking is that most people would find my story entertaining. I think that I have also gotten a grasp of the rhetorical concepts such as egos, pathos, locos. I was exposed to them in high school, but the description was vague and unclear. However, I still seemed to struggle with using these words in context. I tried to go off the example the best I could, but it was still a bit murky. The most difficult part was definitely the descriptions of the different rhetorical techniques.
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Unformatted text preview: I found that the descriptions of these details were hard to wrap my brain around especially because it is something I am just becoming exposed to and getting used to. Hopefully that is something I can improve upon. I envision that I could definitely improve with practice. If I could change something, I would use more transitions while avoiding using the word I too much. As evident by this paragraph, it is used far too frequently. I would also use better descriptions of the rhetorical topics as well as using them better in sentences. All in all I feel that I put a good amount of thought and time into this paper, and that it was a success. I hope to continue this success on to future papers involving rhetoric....
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