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Will Boas Response to Inquiry Response I think that your comments are pretty accurate with respect to my Reflective Inquiry. In regards to the clunky details in the story, I think I was trying to explain how I saw the situation as a whole. Perhaps I didn’t explain it well enough, or I was entirely off base in doing so. I believe that my view was that I am a shy and passive person, qualities that really aren’t found in a successful leader. However, the fact that I was so nice to everyone I think overshadowed my deficiencies and allowed me to win all those times. There was also a perception that I was really smart and always received high grades. While this is relatively true, it was very overblown. My grades were not that great, and my test scores are nothing to write home about. So people voted for me because they know I’m very nice and smart, not necessarily because I’m the best candidate.
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Unformatted text preview: I tried to tell the story from my perspective, and at the same time acknowledging the situation around me. My initial goal for it was to show how significant the speech really was because of who it was coming from, someone who in the past viewed involvement as a way to bolster a resume. Is it possible that I manipulated people’s view of me from what it truly was to achieve a goal? Is this entire story an extended rhetorical situation, not just the speech? Is my life an entire rhetorical situation?! This is now coming into view for me as I type this. Is it possible I created this rhetorical situation and I didn’t even realize it? Overall I think my rhetorical analysis was on par. I wonder what the quality of my essay was in relation to others. What would have needed improvement to achieve an A? Hopefully this cleared up any murky details, or perhaps it opened Pandora ’s Box....
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