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helmet to helmet paper take two - Boas 1 William Boas ENG...

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Boas 1 William Boas ENG 111: Inquiry into Public Discourse 11/22/2010 Tackling the Problem Head On: Addressing Helmet to Helmet Tackles in Football America’s game has found itself at a crossroads. The National Football League is caught between producing an exciting, money making product and insuring the safety and wellbeing of its players. After week six of the NFL season where numerous helmet to helmet tackles caused a number of concussions, DeSean Jackson, a receiver who plays for the Philadelphia Eagles, of whom left on a stretcher, the NFL knew it had to impose stricter guidelines. Football is a violent sport, but it has evolved into a monster that no one can tame. Football today is nothing like it was decades ago. With the help of advanced technologies and a greater knowledge in the science of sports training, football players are bigger, faster, and stronger than they were thirty years ago. As a result, players have the capability of generating greater force when going to make a tackle, causing more violent impacts which can be very dangerous for the players. The concept of wrapping up an offensive player when going to make a tackle by a defensive player literally wrapping his arms around the offensive player and driving him to the ground, has all but gone by the wayside. Today, players are using the top of their helmet as a weapon and launching towards an opposing ball carrier, causing more violent collisions. This form of tackling is a big concern because it has a high risk of causing a concussion, occurring in both the offensive and defensive player. This is especially true when a tackle is made with helmet to helmet contact. The National Football League has begun to enforce its tackling rules more strictly, levying major fines and threatening suspension for players who make helmet to helmet tackles. The issue is that many players are against the stricter guidelines, claiming that they are unreasonable and unfair. There is a general concern that altering the rules to prevent these
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Boas 2 collisions is going to make the league soft; drifting away from the hardnosed physicality it is known for. The way the National Football League addresses the issue of helmet to helmet tackles is going to severely alter the future of football. The reason why this overhaul is taking place is to insure that the players who play football are safe. The movement has been led by Commissioner Roger Goodell, who has stated that taking an initiative will ultimately make the game better and safer (Brown). Goodell’s job as commissioner of the league is to oversee every facet of the game and produce the best
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helmet to helmet paper take two - Boas 1 William Boas ENG...

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