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public arguement writers memo REVISED

public arguement writers memo REVISED - William Boas Public...

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William Boas Public Argument Writer’s Memo 12/14/2010 After giving this essay a third go around, I feel that I am finally gaining a better grasp on the objectives and purposes of this paper. However, it certainly was not easy. From the first day in class when we began to cover claim, data, warrant chains, I was pretty confused. The simple in-class group activity of creating our own claim, data, and warrant chain was pretty difficult for me itself. To this day I could not explain the principles of a claim, data, warrant chain, but now I understand the idea of stating a claim and then providing the analysis to back it up. I think it is along the same lines as the claim, data, warrant chain, and I suppose that gets the job done. While I made only a few corrections to my final draft, I found them very difficult to make. I attempted to try and revise my final draft, but your initial comments did not seem to register with me. It
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