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Will Boas ENG 111: Writer’s Memo 9/27/2010 Remember the Titans: “Coach Boone’s Speech” I was incredibly proud of the paper I wrote. I spent countless hours working on it, and it took up a good chunk of my weekend. I truly worked hard on it. After reading the essays in the small English book, my goal for the assignment was to get mine published in that book. While a little optimistic, I knew setting such a lofty goal would bring out the best in me, and I believe it did. Then this morning (Monday) came along. I went to write my writer’s memo at about noon, and I went to open my essay to give me something to work off of. It was nowhere to be found. After a few tense minutes of tantrum and disbelief, I weighed my options. There wasn’t a whole lot I could do. I stared at my original draft on my computer as I recollected about what I had wrote all through the weekend.
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Unformatted text preview: After my afternoon class, I diligently worked through the essay, making the adjustments I had previously made the best that I could. This essay represents about two hours of editing, and I think it shows. I believe that it is adequate, but I am extremely disappointed that I am unable to showcase my true ability. I think that I accomplished all of the goals outlined in the instructions. I described the scene, the content of the speech, the purposes and the effects. As I said before, I believe it to be scaled and watered down. I simply played the hand that was dealt to me, and that was all I could do. I hope you will take that into consideration as you read and score it. I don’t believe that the time and effort I put into the paper is revealed in the final copy, but such is life. I simply live to fight another day....
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