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Unformatted text preview: [youtube=] This is a video of the new ad campaign that Vitamin Water has come out with. It includes Cleveland's own Kid Cudi in the background, which makes it that much better. Even though the commercial is only about thirty seconds long, I found numerous examples of rhetoric within it. The audience is predominantly single middle­aged men. The narrator addresses the audience as "fellas" as the commercial first opens, and as "player” at the very end. The narrator's tone in the commercial is confident and forthcoming, which backs up the idea he knows that he's talking about. This also ties in with the ethos being portrayed in what he says. I found that describing the mineral contents in the drink appealed to logic and reasoning, formally logos. This is the main form of rhetoric that I found within the commercial. The commercial states that the minerals inside the Vitamin Water will make a man big and strong, which according to the commercial is what women want. It’s saying that by drinking vitamin water, one will be big and strong, which will lead to getting girls, which will lead to one being happy. The actor’s outfit in the video kairotically switches from a bathrobe to a suit, which really has nothing to do with drinking Vitamin Water. ...
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